The invigorating Lavera Firming Body Lotion noticeable firms the skin, this light easily absorbed body milk leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and firm. The organic active complex of ingredients of green tea, green coffee, rosemary and grapes in the Lavera Body Milk gives an effective performance in firming, stimulating, calming and smoothing the skin.

For best results first exfoliate the skin with the sister product lavera Smoothing Body Scrub this will improve the absorption of the lavera Firming Body Milk in the skin.
The properties of Organic Green Coffee is firming, draining and stimulating on the skin tissue helping to keep the skin in tip-top condition.

Organic Green Tea is high in anti-oxidants and therefore is an effective free radical scavenger and protects the skin against skin ageing. Green Tea also calms irritated skin.

Organic Rosemary refreshes the skin, purifies and stimulates the skin into action.

Organic Grapes has skin smoothing properties.
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Firming body milk